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Our Faculty.

At HOGABC Online, we understand what it takes to enhance our students’ online learning. Our unique approach to virtual education and top-quality faculty makes HOGABC Online more than just an Academy and Bible College - it’s an experience. We invite you to explore our dynamic and diverse community, and Let's Chat below at your convenience.

Remote Working

Faculty Members

Jacqueline Taylor, PhD, D. Min.
Willie Moody, PhD
Cleve Butler, PhD
Derrick Williams, PhD
Leslie Conyers, PhD
M. Christopher Brown, PhD
Dionne A. Taylor, PhD
Linda Blue-Lewis, PhD
Charles Nichols, PhD
Ruthie Williams, PhD
Brandon Hall, EdD
Geraldine Gaffney, EdD
Johnathan T Lott Sr., MPA
Todd Bush, M.A.T.S., M.Div.

Monica Coffee, MBA
Christopher Coffee, MBA
Eloise Andrews, MBA
Lisa Pearson, MBA
Beverly A Davis, MPH
Sabrina Hall, M.Ed.
Mary Ravenell, MA
Harvey Shaw, MA
Josephine Evans, MA
Jackie Favors, MA
Laurie Potter, MA
Sherry Tisdale, MA
Lisa M. Beard, BS

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